A collection of free cgi & perl scripts collected over the years. All are free to download and enjoy. This is for educational use ONLY. Use at your own risk.  You must register first before downloading.
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First I would like to thank Chase Ventors for his support and generosity in helping with all his scripts! I have found TUCB scripts to be very simple to setup and quite impressive with what they can do.  He has given me permission to "give away" his scripts here on my site.  His site is under MASSIVE renovation.. so if you want his scripts, here's the place to be!

UPDATE: Chase Ventors has dropped off the edge of the earth. Haven't heard from him in years. If you are still around, contact me. I'd like to know what became of you. Surely you are a freaking CODE genious by now since you were only "14" when you helped me. :)

I owe Chase Ventors  my grateful thanks for introducing me to the world of perl.

As a condition for allowing me to have their (all the other authors) scripts downloadable on my site, I have agreed to glorify each and every cgi site with their own respective banners and buttons, whistles...  well you get the picture.   I'm just trying to offer a free service here.

All authors have given permission to redistribute their script(s) or their copyright clearly allows the redistribution with copyright headers intact.

My personal thanks and respect goes to:


Chase Ventors - Tucb Scripts
Sammy Afifi - TechnoTrade
Jason - CGI-World
Seth Leonard - Dream Catchers Scripts
Solena Sol & Gunther Birznieks
Jeff Davis - Maker of Date/Time Formatter
Craig Dansie - Dansie Shopping Cart
Randall - ScriptSites.com
CgiLabs - CgiLabs

Pass the word!  Free is Good!

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